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Inventor Spotlight
Inventor Spotlight

When an Inventor does something amazing, we want to highlight them and their work for all to see.  Look here for the shining stars in our Community!  Want to be featured?  Simply email us at and make a request with all the details of how you accomplished your project.  

Want to peak behind the curtain and see how someone built a full blown 3D printed Iron Man suit? Then you must check out how Frank did it in our latest Inventor Spotlight feature:
Having a passion for creating in 3D can lead to some incredible works of art... Jarno (aka Private Polygon) shares with us his secrets for creating his wonderful Elephant figure:
Did you see that incredible 3D printed T-Rex head making the rounds on Instagram? Well, we have Simon Clark, the maker of this BEAST, right here to share his story on this week's Inventor Spotlight:
You think patience is a virtue? Well this is what Adam knows to be true and is evident in his outstanding creations. Check out his interview on this week's Inventor Spotlight: