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Welcome to the Bionic Inventor Community Forum!

Calling all 3D printing enthusiasts!  Welcome to our community of inventors.  This is your home for discovering the joys of 3D printers, best practices, fun projects, support information, and a whole lot more.  Feel free to contribute and ask questions too!  

There's no better way to get started in 3D printing than just... getting started! If 3D printing is a hobby you want to get into, you might want to give this article a read:
People tend to think "small" when it comes to 3D printing... check out how 3D printing can be applied to architecture and how "big" it can really be!
Trick or Treat? Hope everyone has a great Halloween, even if you have to be aware of covid's some tips to enjoy it at home with your 3D printer:
There's some great opportunities in 3D Printing if you're willing to put in the effort: